Pannello Systems

Marissa McKeon, Pannello Systems

With more than 68 years of office furniture industry experience between them, the team at Pannello Systems in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, did not have to think too hard about the best software for their dealership when they opened for business in March 2011.

For Client Services Manager Marissa McKeon, TeamDesign was the logical choice—particularly when the cloud-based version became available.

TeamDesign was the only logical choice

Prior to joining Pannello, McKeon had served as the TeamDesign® trainer at a Boston-area dealership, so she already had an in-depth understanding of the program and its strengths.

TeamDesign excels in the way that it interfaces with the specification and order processing aspects of office furniture—a “must have” feature of the software, according to McKeon.

“A strong technology infrastructure is absolutely essential in today’s market,” McKeon contends. “Clients want their furniture as fast as they can get it; they want it right the first time and they want the best possible pricing. We need the best technology to provide accurate processing at the fastest possible speed.”

At Pannello, that means a commitment to integrating technology into as much of the business as possible, and, she says, ECiCloud for TeamDesign plays a critical role in that effort.

We have a commitment to use the best technology available

“We have an internal commitment to assemble a high-performance team that leverages the best technology available,” she explains. For maximum efficiency, Pannello personnel work remotely whenever possible.

“We work remotely and thanks to ECiCloud for TeamDesign, we know that our data is secure and current at all times,” says McKeon. “We are able to offer superior speed and efficiency without having to invest in servers, firewalls and all of the other expenses of maintaining an IT department.”

In hard dollars and cents, the benefits are both immediate and impressive. “Before the cloud-based version of TeamDesign, we were looking at an upfront technology investment that could have been as much as $15,000,” McKeon reports.

Instead, the dealership paid a nominal fee to set up on ECiCloud for TeamDesign and a monthly payment of just a few hundred dollars. This investment provides access to full TeamDesign functionality.

“Making the move to the cloud went very smoothly,” McKeon says. “We gave TeamDesign the basic information about our own computer system and they took it from there. They handled everything on the backend during off hours, so we had minimum processing down time.”

The net impact of the switch to the cloud?

In addition to avoiding that initial $15,000 investment, McKeon is also saving a great deal of time.

“With the hosted version, we don’t have to worry about back-ups and other routine maintenance and that has freed up at least five hours a week of my time and allowed me to focus on other, more important aspects of the business,” she reports.

“And as someone who knows TeamDesign very well and who has trained others on it, I really haven’t noticed any significant differences between the server-based system and the hosted version,” she adds.

Right now, the top priority for McKeon and the rest of the Pannello Systems team is building the brand of their new dealership and developing a strong base of corporate accounts.

“We see some tremendous opportunities for a dealership like ours, that combines many years of industry experience and expertise with a low-cost operating model,” McKeon says. “The Greater Boston market may be one of the most competitive in the country, but we are confident in our ability to set ourselves apart and provide a superior value proposition to the corporate accounts we are targeting,” she asserts.

For Pannello, moving to ECiCloud for TeamDesign represents a key component of that value proposition and, if their initial experiences offer any indication, nothing but clear skies lie ahead!